Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a request of an MP3 song that is not listed on the site?

Yes, a studio creation will run at $100 per MP3 track. Please give an estimate of five to ten business days for turn around time. You will need to send us an e-mail with the song(s)and artist(s), as well as an youtube link or recording of the original song (in its entirety).  A phone number is also needed in the event that you cannot be reached by e-mail. We will send you a separate invoice from paypal along with a demo. Once the payment is made we will send you the MP3 track.

What is an MP3?

A digital music format for creating high-quality sound files. These files can be easily e-mailed, downloaded, and saved to different locations on your personal files and devices (i.e., laptop, desktop, my computer)

Is this a secured site?

The page that has the checkout for you credit card is SSL encrypted.

I purchased an mp3 track but its not showing up. Where is it?

Your recently purchased mp3 track may be in your SPAM/JUNK folder.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are only offered if duplicate purchases are made. Under no other circumstance will we offer a refund. When the MP3 track is sent after purchase, there is no way for us to tell if you have already downloaded the MP3 track and saved it to your personal files. Although we don’t offer a refund for our MP3 tracks, we are ALWAYS willing to resend, edit a MP3 track, or come to a common resolution.

After I subscribe to your list, how long will it take before I receive my free featured MP3 track?

You will receive your “Free Featured MP3 track” between 1-3 days max.

After I purchase the MP3 track, how long will I have before I can listen or download my MP3?

Depending on your e-mail server, You Should Be Able to download the MP3 track anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.  (Please download right away and pay close attention to where you save the file). If you are Not Able to download your MP3…Please be patient, send an email)include the name of the song), and know that we won’t hesitate to resend the song.

Can I get the song in a specific key?

All songs are done in the key that the artist originally performed them in. Songs can be requested in a different key depending on the key you are needing. If the key requested will distort the sound, we will decline to make these changes. We will only change the key from the original key once. Please send us an email with the title of the song and desired key change. *Note this process may take up two days from the date it was purchased or requested and includes an additional charge of $5.

Will the MP3 track include background vocals?

Sorry, we only provide the accompaniment MP3 track’s….No Background vocals.

I purchased an MP3 track and I am unable to download the song. Is something wrong with the MP3 track or site?

If you are making a purchase and trying to download from an IPAD you will need to either download it to dropbox or iCloud. If you don’t have either of those tools you will need to send us a personal e-mail address so that we can send the MP3 track to you. If you are using a government email address the attachment may get blocked by the server. In this case you will need to also provide a personal e-mail address.

Can I hear a sample or demo of the song before I purchase it?

Yes, each song has a about a 30 second sample that can be listened to before you make your final purchase. You can access the demo/sample by clicking on the title of the song and pressing the play button.  FYI no background vocals.