Dear God Smokie Norful

NOTE: This is a track recorded “in the likeness of” the performer listed. While the performance track will be similar, it is not the original.

This classic ballad-like song by Smokie Norful, has a progressive feel similar to one of his other hit songs, I Need You Now. Dear God’s lyrics flow like a confession letter, pouring out the issues of life onto paper. A respectable pianist himself, he delivers a song filled with a true desire turn towards God and His mercy. It is a testament about the ups and downs he has experienced, ranging from his family affairs, being in the music industry, and just the general trials and tribulations we all face in life as human creatures. But, through it all he realizes he must give God praise and glory in bringing Him through it all, in spite of.

Smokie will continue to flourish as a gospel singer because his effectiveness witness has a way of impacting people’s heart in his expressive lyrics. It is expected that many more songs like this will continue to flow from his penmanship!