Top Selling Christian Tracks

Top Selling Christian Tracks

Christian accompaniment tracks are a big hit these days. This is because there is an ongoing resurgence of the faith. It is sad but true, the times when most people tend to rekindle their relationship with the Lord is when the going gets rough.

Ironically, the most popular Christian accompaniment tracks are the so-called songs of praise, such as Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate; Ancient of Days; and, Days of Elijah, among many others. Humanity may not be the most thankful bunch, it’s so easy to forget one’s Creator in times of plenty, but in songs, particularly gospel instrumentals, redemption occurs.

Music without vocals have become regular fare even for die-hard Catholics. Gone are the days when this bastion of Christianity won’t be caught tinkering with the habits of their ecumenical brethren. Especially for the young or contemporary Catholics, the church hymnals have begun to take a back stage to gospel instrumentals, to the chagrin of local priests, and Pope Benedict in particular.

Acceptance of Christian Performance Tracks

The reason is very simple. Where the new generation struggles with reinterpreting matters of faith, a dancy tune does tend to pick up the slack. In true Sister Act fashion, nothing comes close to Christian accompaniment tracks when it comes to re-animating a bored, dull congregation. Gospel instrumentals take after the karaoke craze. Thanks to a Japanese sensation, audience participation is alive and well in the Christian groove.

One specific pick from gospel tracks, Amazing Grace, has not only mirrored the trend of country music moving into the pop song stream in true Taylor Swift style. From old-school pulpits, this song has gone through many remakes and reincarnations that would rival even the Buddhist faith. It will not be surprising if a rock version of the song surfaces soon.

As one outstanding example that knows no borders nor boundaries, the song is one exceptional hybrid worthy of praise and of course, vocal accompaniment. The Bible says in Genesis that before humans were created, there were the angels. For music without vocals, the widespread karaoke movement was not the immediate precursor.

It was the so-called minus-one tradition that was the first to give Christian accompaniment tracks their wings. Although music without vocals would produce a litany of copycats around the globe, it would also inspire Christian musicians to develop music appropriate to their target audience. It were as if there’s an unseen hand orchestrating the marriage between powerful vocals and gospel instrumentals, just as the union between man and wife is meant to be.

Music Without Vocals – The Truth

The plain truth is, music without vocals is rather like man without his mate. It would be truly tragic if their love cannot be consummated, and so the fitting nuptials happen in a modern-day Born Again concert. In this podium, Born to Be Wild has no place; but take note, Satan himself was once an angel, too.

In fact, The Book of Revelation posits that Lucifer, whose wings once guarded the gates of heaven, also happened to be the former supreme conductor of God’s choir until the day he was vanished for inciting a rebellion. It is also said that he took two-thirds of the Lord’s angels with him.

It is this background that fuels the fervent belief that the best way to drive away demons is to turn their own weapons against them. Music and its cohorts can form an arsenal of defense that is powerful enough to defeat the enemy. This explains why Christian music needs to be sung in a loud and lively fashion.

When accompanied by powerful vocals, gospel instrumentals not only reach out to heaven like Abel’s pleasing sacrifice. More importantly, they have the power to make the enemy tremble in fear. For who else would know the power of music better than the being who once wielded the baton in the heavenly choir.

Importance of Christian Music

As one popular Baptist piece goes, to proceed to the enemy’s camp is to take back what he stole. When sang with great zest and enthusiasm, these and other songs live up to their true potential as a spiritual armor pleasing to God while deadly to the devil’s minions. David, one of the mighty kings of Israel, used to dance and lose himself in front of his master’s altar.

For anyone wondering why there is so much enthusiasm at new Christian gatherings, this is the answer. Even the famous Psalms of David are in the process of being broken down into more palatable pieces. As these become part of the mainstream of gospel instrumentals, prophecy is being fulfilled.

It is written, God opens His heavenly gates at the sound of praise and singing. With gospel instrumentals facilitating the process, there could be lots of perks which includes an exclusive invitation to the Lord’s feast or at the very least an opportunity to break bread. With plenty of practice, any aspiring Christian singer can overcome what American Idol judge, Simon Cowell disdainfully categorizes as glorified karaoke singing; and who knows, it might even be one’s ticket to heaven.