Christian Accompaniment Tracks

Christian Accompaniment Tracks

Christian accompaniment tracks are an excellent tool that helps a born-again musician deliver the message of salvation. Also called gospel instrumentals, these musical aids cannot mask a bad singer like a lip sync does. However, it stirs him or her in the right direction so that a song can be belted out and finished with finesse.

Many famous vocalists had their start in a church choir, just some of them are Donna Summer, Whitney Houston and Amy Grant. Sunday school soloists get lots of regular practice and therefore tend to excel in belting out tunes with ease.

Long before the first gospel tracks were used, many Christians have been singing exceedingly well. So why use gospel instrumentals is a logical question to ask. It’s like allowing Britney Spears to indulge herself with the technology to sound much better than she actually does.

Adapting To New Technology In Christian Worship

The answer is that even Christianity must learn to adapt to new technology in order to continue serving a higher purpose. As such, Christian accompaniment tracks have so revolutionized the pulpit that it’s not unusual for a pastor to seek the assistance of gospel instrumentals for a solo performance. In fact, young Christians find this scenario so cool.

The ultimate question is would Jesus have used gospel instrumentals for His own ministry if the technology were available; the answer is, He probably would. If the Savior had not hesitated to use fish, wine and loaves of bread to popularize His teachings, surely He would have been the first to grab the microphone if He had the opportunity.

One example of gospel instrumentals, In His Time, echoes just how God could use technology to make all things beautiful. To illustrate, the shy person in the congregation and the tired pianist who just got to church straight from his part-time job still can make beautiful music together because a piece of gospel instrumentals is there to help.

Of course, gospel instrumentals cannot fix a broken voice, but no one has been able to predict what can happen once the Holy Spirit takes charge. The Bible says that when Christ returns, everyone will see Him. Although this used to be impossible to conceive, the advent of the mass media and the Internet has already transformed the world into a global village.

Downloadable Performance Tracks Format

As modern musicians use the same tool all the time, there is nothing miraculous or unusual about Christian accompaniment tracks. Tamela Mann’s Take Me to The King is a CD that would have each of the songs appearing twice in the record: one, a demo track which is the complete song with Tamela’s vocals; while the other is the performance track, i.e., without the vocals.

Nowadays, these tracks can also be downloaded from the Web in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format. Just some of the bestsellers are I Give Myself Away by William McDowell, Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave, and Mercy Walked In by Gordon Mote. The average cost of a CD is $12 plus tax.

As one can imagine, there are so many applications for such a spiritual music appendage that it is becoming increasingly indispensable: the pulpit, a faith concert, and a wedding are just a few occasions. It wasn’t such a long time ago when a piano, a pianist and a soloist were the trio that a congregation needed to conduct a proper praise and worship service. Now the church can lose all three and do everything on their own.

However, just as the prediction that the invention of the personal computer would lessen the usage of paper, so the application of a modern-day musical gadget to a worship service has not exactly laid off musicians. On the contrary, it would inspire more collaborative effort on their part.

It also means more practice for the solo artist because he or she wouldn’t need a band or any actual accompaniment to do it. This results in more effort to perfect the craft. While it is true that there are many natural-born singers in the church choir, a professional, albeit electronic accompaniment can inspire a vocal cord that is underdeveloped.

No question about it, Christmas will usher in a rash of gospel tracks like Do You Hear What I Hear, Hark the Heralds Angels Sing, and Mary Did You Know. Why, it is already happening, buoyed by the foray of pop artists like Josh Groban into Christian singing. By all indications, Christian accompaniment tracks are here to stay.

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